Headcanon #6

Hiroki secretly loves the movie The Sound of Music and has seen it like 38425729385 times.

Headcanon #5:

Hiroki did a few crazy things in high school.

lncluding sneaking his dad’s car for a night on New Year’s with a friend when he wasn’t supposed to to go watch fireworks, and going to a part with a bunch of people where he played spin the bottle.

Headcanon #4:

Headcanon #2:

Hiroki loves licorice, and eats it when he can get his hands on some. But he doesn’t really like sweets otherside (since that is canon).

Headcanon #1:

Hiroki has a secret celeb mancrush on Daniel Craig.

Headcanon #3:

Hiroki has a preppy style of dress when he goes out. In other words, good taste in clothing. For work he just wears his slacks and rest of suit type thing, and at home he just wears whatever’s comfortable, but when going out he wears classier type things; nice sweaters, cardigans, tartan pants, tweed pants, etc. Jeans too, but a cleaner more dark wash. This is already kind of canon, but whatever :/